Bungler - The Nature of Being New (2017)

Bungler is a three-piece metalcore band from Buffalo, NY who recently signed a record deal with Innerstrength Records. Following two self-released albums, Never Grows and There's No Setting Sun Where We Are, their Innerstrength debut The Nature of Being New was released on March 3, 2017.

The album contains 12 songs of technical metalcore with the overall production and sound being superb. What I really liked in The Nature of Being New, is that the songs have clear structures and avoid sounding too chaotic for the sake of (a potential) technical skills demonstration. Therefore, what we have here is a clear win of substance over form and this is a factor that helps the listener maintain the attention during the whole album. Personal favourites from the record, Double Glare, Rotting Fruit (Is for the Birds), Drowning in Oil, Smooth Hysteria, Closet Confident or the album’s highlight, the 5 minute dark epic Opia are showcasing clearly the creative abilities of Bungler and prove that a band can really compose a metalcore song which is memorable and not just a collection of improvised riffs and random rhythm structures. Maybe I am sounding biased against a whole genre, however I still prefer to listen to records where I can really tell apart the songs in them.

The Nature of Being New, for sure will not revolutionise a (stagnated) genre, however is an honestly great metalcore album. If you already suffer from The Dillinger Escape Plan break-up, Bungler could be a safe refuge for you.