Christopher Pellnat - Honey Venom Wings (2017) and other works…

Lo-fi songs with an essence of melancholy…

Christopher Pellnat is a New York based singer/songwriter who apart from composing and playing his own music, is also the guitarist with The Warp/The Weft band and has to exhibit additionally in his curriculum, collaborations with other NY based musicians like Mercy Weiss and Erin Pellnat. Christopher has been kind enough to introduce us to his latest album Honey Venom Wings plus some of his collaborations. We have given a listen and we have written our impressions.

Pellnat plays the majority of the material in Honey Venom Wings with his guitar and his voice. There are some guest parts of violin and upright bass, however the album remains acoustic and stripped from any other instrumentation in its most part. Even though Pellnat’s voice is not his strongest feature, it is finally thanks to the wonderful melodies and the overall lo-fi character of his songs that this does not become the album’s weak point. Best tracks of Honey Venom Wings are Quiver and The Bane of my Existence is my Heart which are also the most melancholic ones but there are also a couple of fillers (with most prominent of them being Vegetarian Blues) which had they been left out, would have helped to increase the overall album consistency.

As mentioned in the beginning of this post, Pellnat has to show collaborations with other NY musicians like Jazz singer Mercy Weiss in her Mercy EP. To be honest, I liked more the material of the Mercy EP and this is not only because of the unique and (definitely) sexy voice of Weiss but also because of the compositions which are more complete, well worked and developed. The direction of the songs in Mercy is mainly jazz, still maintaining a melancholic element but also enriched with some groovy and funky elements (Evil Baby). Even though I have not the exact details about what is the level of Pellnat’s contribution in the EP, I definitely prefer the songwriting here compared to his solo album.

The same conclusions pretty much apply to his collaboration with Erin Pellnat in Dream In Colour EP. Here we have again a great voice which is far more adequate than Pellnat’s, plus songs which are more developed, having more rich instrumentation thus helping to enhance the (definite) beauty of Pellnat’s compositions. Identifying point here is again the distinct darkness and melancholy elements (Stay) which I personally favour so much and in my opinion make Dream In Colour the best of the three Pellnat’s works I have given a listen to.

Concluding this small preview/review I have to say that I prefer Pellnat more as a composer than singer and I invite you to come in contact with his work through the link below :