Cry my Name - Reflections (2017)

Well, let me start with the good things first. Reflections is a great record ! Actually Reflections is a flawless album in the vein of bands like Bring Me the Horizon which means that it consists of songs who equally combine aggressiveness and catchy melodies. Add to the previous, a superb production who perfectly manages to keep the balance between the hard and mellow parts and you have a perfectly executed recipe for a modern metalcore record.

…and this is where the problem lies...

The final result is so well planned and executed that it cannot sound anything else than prefabricated. There is no innovation, no risk just a textbook execution of all the rules and guidelines on how to write and record a modern metal album. I am not implying any form of plagiarism here, just a sense that I have received from this album and this sense is predictability. Every element fits so perfectly well in place that you know what to expect in each song. Reflections is by no means a bad record. If you are fan of the genre I can guarantee that you will love this album and play it back to back with That’s the Spirit however it is a record that does not bring anything new or revolutionary in a genre that it is already close to its expiration date.

Reflection is the fourth album by the Kiel based band Cry My Name who consists of :

Vocals: Cedric Bench, Guitar: Patrick Troitzsch, Guitar: Sascha Troitzsch, Bass: Raphael Adamek, Drums: Thomas Schink

and is out on 21st April on Bastardized Recordings.