Final Coil - Persistence of Memory (2017)

The promo for Persistence of Memory, arrived in our mailboxes only some hours before our holiday break. A first listen made it a tough choice not to write an immediate presentation but we promised to ourselves that it was going to be prioritised as one of the first albums that we will post about in the new year. Et Voila….

Final Coil are a 4-piece group coming from UK. Passing since their formation, through the usual process of frequent member changing, they have finally managed to maintain a line-up which remains stable since 2014 and which consists of :

  • Phil Stiles: Lead Vocals; Rhythm Guitar; Lead Guitar; Synths & Programming
  • Richard Awdry: Lead Guitar; Rhythm Guitar; Vocals; Programming
  • Jola Stiles: Bass Guitar; Flute
  • Tony ‘Ches’ Hughes: Drums & Programming

This stability gave them the opportunity to optimise their sound and release their first full length album (and third release overall) named Persistence of Memory.

Attempting to give a general description of their music I would mention that they play a mixture of US alternative Hard Rock, 90’s Grunge, Progressive and Post Rock having two bands as main references of their sound : Alice in Chains and Tool. Their songs are melancholic and introspective, showing as main (and distinct) features the amazing guitar work (both on riff writing and solo playing) and the great melodies. The production which is excellent, “prefers” to provide an alternative character to the tunes and I think that this somehow enhances the “melancholic” character of the album. But lets have a view on the album songs one-by-one :

Already during the opening song of the album (Corruption) the influences in the sound of Final Coil by bands like Tool and Alice in Chains, become apparent.Having an excellent melody and an even greater riff, the song is the perfect opener for the record. The references to the 90’s Seattle Grunge sound continue during the next two songs of the album (Dying,Alone - funnily, their titles could be combined in one)which bear a more melancholic character (maybe their naming and their placing in album tracklist is not so unintentionally done after all). Things get more vibrant in the subsequent two tracks (You waste my time, Myopic) which are more heavy and where the impressive riffs and guitar solos take the lead. 10th minute epic Failed Light which follows, is in my opinion somehow not working that well. The song in its 10 minutes fails to properly develop, finally ending up in a boring repetition of its theme. Maybe a smaller duration would have done more justice to it. Thankfully, this does not remove any of the albums momentum and Spider Feet begins with one of the most interesting guitar riffs that I have heard recently and with its up tempo vibe brings things back on track in terms of the album quality. Eighth song Lost Hope reintroduces the listener to the melancholy mood, something somehow expected from the song title but also due to its Gothic Rock influences and the bittersweet melody of its closing. The Hard Rock riffs and solos return for the next two songs (Moths to the Flame, In Silent Reproach) before the album closes with the final song Alienation, which is a post-rock masterpiece. An excellent ending for an overall great album.

This blog does not operate on a professional basis. We are music lovers who spend a lot of our personal time and (family) money on our love for music. It is with great pleasure and fulfilment when bands like Final Coil trust us with small treasures which are the result of their hard work and their artistic vision. Listening to Persistence of Memory gave us some very nice moments and we strongly recommend that you do the same.