I like my music, just like my salad…Greek (Spring 2018 version)

The increase in the number of Greek band releases that come under our radar has led to an increase in the frequency of the “I like my music, just like my salad…Greek” series of posts…a definitely positive fact…

Rotting Christ - The Call

7 inch single with a new song named The Call on side A plus a live performance of The Sing of Evil Existence on side B with Nergal of Behemoth sharing vocal duties. I would classify the new song as at least mediocre while the live performance of the second side, even though not perfect in terms of sound quality and mixing, serves as a document of a great collaboration between the Greek and Polish artists. In my opinion and as disappointing it may be, the best thing about this single is the cover artwork.

Kataxnia - Crescendo of Despair

I think that in the years to come, this album will be considered as landmark in the Greek Crust/Hardcore scene. Just when in my previous post of the “I like my music, just like my salad…Greek” series I was expressing my concerns about the stagnation of the scene and was questioning whether a band of this genre can develop artistically without losing its political integrity, Kataxnia come with the answer.More poetic and lyrical than ever (sometimes even dramatic) Kataxnia with their 3d album, Crescendo of Despair will set a whole new trend within the Greek scene.

Acrimonious - Eleven Dragons

One of the best black metal albums of last year came from Acrimonious. Dark, Black metal which allows room to the compositions to unveil the ideas behind them and reveal their epic character which sometimes crosses the border to prog. Despite its diverse character, Eleven Dragons manages not to lose its aggressiveness and not become boring. What I loved in it are the riffs which can be at the same moment deranged, unconventional and melodic. A masterpiece of unholy creativity !

Sense of Fear - As the Ages Passing By…

Judas Priest influenced speed metal with some (few though) thrash elements. Excellent riffs and guitar playing however the production is a bit too modern (i.e. digital) for my ears. Classic Metal lovers will for sure love As the Ages Passing By

Lifewreck - Lifewreck

Lifewreck first full length (they have released a demo and a 7 inch) does not follow the traditional Greek Hardcore/Crust patterns in how it sounds. Being sonically placed more to the 80’s US Hardcore side and with its songs having by average a duration around 1 minute, it brings an element of diversity in an (almost) stagnated Greek scene…the irony is that this diversity is achieved by being retro and reusing recipes of the past…

Poem - Unique

While Poem second album Skein Syndrome was excellent, this one is almost perfect ! Theirprogressive metal combines a diverse number of influences from Tool till System of a Down however all diluted through their own filter which provides a personal and distinct character to their compositions, finally making Unique really unique ! This album will definitely top my lists in the end of 2018.

Sordid Dogs - Necropunk

Necropunk is the result of a recipe that combines Mötorhead, Venom, Hellhammer and Discharge blended, mixed together and finally served in one of the most enjoyable D-Beat albums of the recent times. In your face and heavy, it resembles the feeling of getting hit by a train.

Corpses - Corpses

Corpses Crust/D-Beat follows a different recipe than Sordid Dogs. Enhancing the Mötorhead elements, they give to their self-titled album a more Sludgy Rock ‘n Roll character than less Black metal.

Akantha - Apocalyptic Psalms

Another Black Metal release which follows faithfully the unholy preaching of Darkthrone. May not be the most original thing that you will listen this year but the riffs are excellent and what I personally liked is the almost subliminal punk crust character that it bears. If you miss Darkthrone of TransylvanianHunger, Apocalyptic Psalms will for sure make your playlist…it made mine…

Kin Beneath Chorus - Invia

Metalcore is a stagnated genre by its nature, so it clearly requires some skills to be able to play it without sounding generic or boring. Kin Beneath Chorus second album Invia is a succesful example of my previous statement where melodies and brutality are combined in a record where the intensity of the material impresses.