We have compiled and reviewed some of the best Greek band releases of the previous semester…

Necrovorous - Plains of Decay

I have written numerous times in this blog what is the kind of Death Metal that I like : Old School, with excellent riffs, no plastic drums, no unnecessary blast beats, no modern highly pitched guitars. For those who want to hear a perfect example of what I mean, Plains of Decay is out there. Simply excellent !

Septic Flesh - Codex Omega

Septic Flesh need no introduction. Their latest album has raised some criticism (mainly within Greece) for being too commercial or whatsoever…I personally find these criticisms as nonsense. Codex Omega is another artistic masterpiece from a band who remains still in excellent form.

Procrastinate - Procrastinate

Fast, aggressive and melodic crust-core with english and greek lyrics. Procrastinate’sself-titled album is an excellent example of the Greek crust scene which has already acquired a trademark sound due mainly to its extensive (some times to the point of being dramatic) lyricism. The album cover has been designed by Alex CF (Fall of Efrafa, Morrow amongst others).

Rotting Christ/Necromantia - Primordial Evil

Split 7-inch, released as part of the 10 years celebrations of Black Vomit Records. To be totally honest, I was a bit disappointed by this release as none of the material is new. For Rotting Christ and Necromantia completists mainly.

Kalong - Kalong EP

Kalong mix a lot of things in their sound : Sludge, Doom, 80’s Hardcore/punk (the singing reminded me of Cro-Mags) and crust, however the production (the recording comes from a live rehearsal) does not do justice to the material. There are some “smart riffs” (Patch, Summer Outfit) however I am unable to make a final assessment and I will probably make another attempt after listening to some new material with (hopefully) a better production. I would call this experimental.

Anasarka - Demo 2017

Another Greek crust core band with melodic elements, black metal influences and some blast beats. Solid sound and greek lyrics with the usual pessimism that is becoming a trademark of the scene. If you like Greek-School core, approach without hesitation.

Antimob - Horis Ikto (No Mercy)

Not many words are necessary here. Ferocious hardcore from 2 of the best Greek hardcore bands in a split-release that will be soon considered a classic of the scene.

Ilios Thanatou - Stin Aperantosini tou Fovou (In the Vastness of Fear)

As said above, Greek crust-core has obtained a trademark sound which immediately provides a “seal of quality approval” to all the bands of the scene. Missing the lyricism of Katahnia, the material of Stin Aperantosini tou Fovou (In the Vastness of Fear) does not surprise (either negatively or positively). I think that their previous 7-inch had more edge. I am aware that the political message is stronger than any artistic development in this genre however I think that the scene has reached to an imminent point of stagnation.

Kawir - Exilasmos

Epic Black metal which deals with greek mythology themes (well not that this comes as a surprise) and has some of the best classic heavy metal riffs ever. If you have been disappointed with the latest experimental endeavours of Rotting Christ and you are looking for something more straightforward and classic, this is the perfect album.

Amniac - Matriarch

Amniac play Sludge metal with many post elements in their sound, reminding bands like Isis. Matriarch (the album) begins somehow clumsy, however things drastically improve with the second song (Matriarch) which, I dare to say, generated to me the same sentiments as Carry. After this point, the album develops well reaching its peak in the last song, the 9 minute epic Erebos, which closes with one of the most “sick” melodies ever…Great album!