I like my music, just like my salad…Greek (Winter 2018 version)

The winter edition of the “Greek Salad” series returns with another lot of great Greek band releases…

Neant - Brokenwinged

The first release from the 3-piece group Neant is a very promising case of Black metal. The 30 minute EP consists of 2 songs, the epic-progressive “Marching in this Cold, Soulless Void” and the “No Point, No Fucking Meaning” which incorporates many “post” elements. If there is one weakness in their first attempt is the drum programming and production (no drummer is mentioned in the line up that recorded Brokenwinged) a fact which deprives their sound from the necessary volume that their style of metal requires.

Apnoia - Thriamvos tou Misous (Triumph of Hate)

Crustcore in its most primitive and honest form is what Apnoia (Stillness) offer in this tape release. Not many explanations are needed here, 25 minutes of fast and aggressive hardcore (which often trespasses the Grindcore borders) from a band that does not revolutionises the genre but it is perfect for what it is supposed to be.

Hibernation - In the Years of Desolation

Hardcore veterans return after 15 years with an album that carries the trademark sound of the Greek scene i.e. Slow, atmospheric melodies combined with fast and aggressive outbursts. Extreme conditions demand extreme responses therefore no one is to be absent from the “call to arms” against the difficult social and political times that Greece is under, right now.

Pariah - Pariah

First studio release (2 live digital EPs have preceded) from Pariah, a melodic crust core band from Thessaloniki which combine male and female vocals with great guitar riffs bringing to mind bands like Detestation. Great effort !

Natvres - Early Cvlts

The second release of Natvres follows the path that their first album paved : “Cold”, primitive, aggressive Black metal which references more the Scandinavian rather that the Greek scene.

Sacral Rage -Beyond Celestial Echoes

Those who had reservations in appreciating the super technical thrash metal of Sacral Rage previous releases due to the harsh, high-pitched vocals have no excuse anymore. The Greek techno-thrashers have matured, tightened up their sound and increased their production values offering their best work (so far) and possibly the best Greek metal album of this year.

Nurse of war - Eis Topon Chloeron

This is one of the most refreshing and enjoyable things that I have listened to, since long time. Fast disco punk with melodic male and female vocals and macabre lyrics. Amazing and addictive as hell.

Mavro Gala - Hands // Tired

In their Bandcamp page, Mavro Gala (Black Milk in Greek) write :

“This is an effort to scream for what was promised;
an effort to scream for what was proven a fraud;
an effort to scream altogether”

and imho there could be no better description for the 22 minutes of Hands // Tired.

Calf - Evil Solos Deified Mom Dad Deified Solos live

3-song 12 inch which contains 38 min of well structured noise…yes I know that the previous sentence sounds contradictory but the sludge/noise of Calf remains accessible and is helped by a production which does not entirely “buries” their ideas under a wall of noise. Third song “Mom is Funnier than Dads Nothingness” (and album’s best) is a good validation for my previous statement

Antimob - Stavrosi (Crucifixion)

I waited for long till I managed to get a physical copy of this tape in my hands and all I will write is that it gets boring to repeat about what a great band Antimob are. The opening song with its fast and razor-sharp guitar riff, leaves no doubts about this. Stavrosi is another monumental release from a band who could sell out and get commercial success at any moment but they chose to remain faithful to their values instead.