Il Rumore Bianco - Antropocene (2016)

Il Rumore Bianco (White Noise in Italian) is a 6 member band founded in summer of 2012 in Verona, Italy. Currently, the members of the band are :

Alessandro Zara - lead vocals

Michele Zanotti - guitars, sax

Giacomo Banali - guitars

Thomas Pessina - keyboards, synth

Alessandro Danzi - bass guitar

Andrea Sbrogiò – drums

and despite their name, their music does not have anything to do with noise (be it white or whatever). Antropocene is their second album (they have released one 4 song EP titled Mediocrazia in 2013) and they were kind enough to send me a digital copy for review.

The basis of Il Rumore Bianco’s music is Progressive Rock, however one can easily identify several other elements in it like Jazz (Il Capitale Umano or Tephlon (club) ), post rock (Tempio Pallido), electronic/ambient (Il Guidice e il Bugiardo - my personal favourite from the album) or sometimes even metal (Mediocrazia or the obvious Tool influences in Antropocene pt II).

What can be undoubtedly acknowledged about Il Rumore Bianco, is their musician skills together with their capability to create and deliver complete compositions. A usual trap in which many young Prog Rock bands fall, is letting skills and exhibitionism overcome substance but luckily Il Rumore Bianco succeed in avoiding this. They have absorbed and digested their influences well and have consequently managed to transform them into compositions which can exist independently as songs and not as exercises in form.

Overall, Antropocene is a wonderful record which I would suggest to any serious Progressive Rock fan. If I am allowed to voice only one remark (and probably this is more of a personal preference than a fault) is that I would prefer the production to be less “loud”. I am not sure if it is due to the mix or if the album was actually recorded live, but there is a certain “harshness” in the sound which I do not (personally) think suits the melancholic and introvert character of their music. But as I said, this is only my personal preference which should by no means prevent you from listening to this excellent band. Thank you guys for giving me the opportunity to listen to your music!