Infected Dead - Archaic Malevolence (2017)

Insanely brutal, top class, Death Metal debut…

Since the moment I received the mail from Infected Dead (asking politely for a review of their debut EP), I instantly knew that I was going to listen to something really good. Reading between the lines of the email-text, I was able to identify a band with strong motivation, serious attitude, determination but most of all individuals devoid of any kind of arrogance.

And (once again) my instincts did not let me down. Archaic Malevolence is the debut EP from Infected Dead, a young band from UK, established only in 2016 but having already won awards like Metal 2 the Masses and having played in big festivals like Bloodstock Open Air. From all the previous mentioned, it is easy to understand that Infected Dead are a band who is eager to succeed fast and please be assured that these intentions become apparent in their debut EP.

Archaic Malevolence, contains 6 songs of modern death metal. The EP starts with an atmospheric intro (which reminds King Diamond) however as soon as it continues to the self-titled second song (Archaic Malevolence) the listener is immediately stricken by the impressive guitar work (in the riffs and the solos melodies) and the fast drumming. I have written several times in this blog, about how important I consider the production when it comes to Death Metal. I hate flat drums and ridiculously digitised and compressed guitars. Luckily, the production of Archaic Malevolence even though modern, manages not to annoy. Despite the brutality of the songs, the instruments sound crystal clear in the mix without any of their aggressiveness being compromised.

Having won the first impressions, the EP leaves no chance to the listener for retreat or rest. The sonic attack continues with the third song Resurrctionnist while next song, Invocation of Unspeakable Gods starts with a slower pace and with its melodic solo is a temporary intermission before Forced Existence, which has a thrash influence in the guitar riffs being also more technical with rhythm breakdowns and (yet another) excellent guitar solo. In my opinion, it is the best song of the album mainly due to its diversity. Last but not least, sixth song Samsara is another great exhibition of insane drumming and skilful guitar playing.

Honestly, after such a brutal violation of my ears (no matter how silly or cliche such a metaphor may sound) I am not able to spot any flaw or negative point in Archaic Malevolence. As mentioned in the beginning of this review, Infected Dead are a band with self confidence and this is clearly captured in the songs of the EP. The quality of work recorded in Archaic Malevolence shows professionalism and determination which for sure deserves to reach high. Buy without any hesitation…