Mixtape : Pantera The Best of Early Days

The very first four albums of Pantera may have been renounced by the band minimising consequently any chances for the fans to get access to CD and Vinyl versions which are looking and sounding better than the usual Russian Bootlegs. No matter how right or wrong such a decision can be, it does not remove us from our right to revisit these albums, discover some small hidden gems and compile a mixtape with the best (in our opinion) songs in them…

Metal Magic

Well…I am wondering where to start from when talking about this album. From the ridiculous cover to the poor production, nothing in this album provides the slightest hint about the future direction that Pantera would follow. Songs like Ride My Rocket (which sounds like a tribute to Detroit Rock City) show how much the Abbott brothers loved Kiss but are not sufficient to save the album from obscurity.

Songs In this mixtape :

Ride My Rocket

I‘ll Be Alright

Tell Me If You Want It

Biggest Part Of Me

Projects In The Jungle

Things start to get heavier here and we get already the first hints of the future Pantera with songs like Killers or the self titled one. The production has significantly improved giving us a more than decent hard rock album which reminds strongly Def Leppard.

Songs In this mixtape :

All Over Tonight

Out For Blood

Like Fire

In Over My Head

Projects In The Jungle

Heavy Metal

Only A Heartbeat Away

I Am The Night

Third ridiculous cover in a row and not a big progress musically from the previous album. Again hints of heaviness and of the (to be) trademark shredding guitar playing of Dimebag in songs like the self titled, Onward We Rock, Valhalla and Down Below are appearing amidst a Glam Rock ocean.

Songs In this mixtape :

Hot And Heavy

I Am The Night

Onward We Rock

Come On Eyes

Forever Tonight

Power Metal

Things are coming into shape in this album…Phil Anselmo joins the band, production is finally decent, no stupid hand drawn cover is used and songs like the self titled (who sounds like an outtake from Cowboys From Hell) Over and Out and Death Trap show clearly the direction that the band has decided to follow. The best was yet to come though…

Songs In this mixtape :

Rock The World

Power Metal

We ‘ll Meet Again

Down Below

Death Trap

Hard Ride