October 2017, New Releases Review

Jupiter Variation is a small blog which functions only out of love for the Music and for the fun that its writers get in return. Therefore we are extremely honoured when we receive for review releases with the quality and potential of Spectral Voice’s debut album… And then we come into cases like the Exterminator who help us put our feet back on the earth…


This must be by far the worst think that we have ever received for review in the nearly 2 years that this blog is running. I understand that record companies are above all businesses who need to sell in order to survive, but baptising as “(Un)Holy Grail” a tape that an immature teenager recorded in his room 30 or so years ago, is in my opinion too much . Shitty music, zero musical skills, crappy solos and an overall presence of stupidity. To add insult to injury a collectible (my ass) version of this turd features the usage of “Swastikas” in the cover.

Album Rating : FUCK OFF !!!

Spectral Voice - Eroded Corridors of Unbeing

After the previous crap, the debut album (after five demos/rehearsals and two splits) of Colorado’s Spectral Voice is a breath of fresh air. Slow Death Metal with Doom influences that succeeds in creating an authentically evil atmosphere for the listener. This is one of the sickest albums that we have heard this year.

Album Rating : 9 out of 10

Loathfinder - The Great Tired Ones

4 track EP from Polish Blackened Doom act Loathfinder. Even though that it does not reinvent the wheel with its Doom/slow Death Metal, The Great Tired Ones is a strong and honest release. Watch out the excellent riffs in Feast of my Entrails and 3 Scents of Regression tracks.

Album Rating : 8 out of 10

Uforia - Fight or Flight

Third EP for Canada’s Uforia, containing 5 songs of incredibly catchy and groovy Hard Rock which are characterised by impressive guitar playing and nice melodies. Some alternative rock moments are also present (check out 3d song Overthrow) but overall Fight or Flight is an excellent release of modern North American Hard Rock.

Album Rating : 8.5 out of 10

Desolate Shrine - Deliverance from the Godless Void

Desolate Shrine’s Death Metal is not bad, however the long durations of the songs and the unnecessary (musical) verbalism work eventually against the overall flow of the album. There are certainly good ideas but their repetition in an attempt to probably provide an “Epic”character to the compositions leaves the listener convinced that the tracks of Deliverance from the Godless Void would have been much better had they have more controlled durations.

Album Rating : 7.5 out of 10


Even though that the Godsmack/Stone Sour influenced style of CRNKSHFT is not amongst my favourite ones, I have to admit that they are great at what they do. The music in their self-titled EP has the hooks, the production, the melodies and overall an excellent guitar work that had we been still in the early 2000’s, CRNKSHFT (the EP) would have been considered nowadays a classic.

Album Rating : 8 out of 10

A Flourishing Scourge - A Flourishing Scourge

Extreme Progressive Metal is what A Flourishing Scourge present in their self titled record. The songs in the album follow a certain pattern that incorporates melodic intros (reminding Opeth or Pink Floyd at certain moments) and which subsequently evolves to long duration Black Metal. I have the impression that A Flourishing Scourge tried to recreate something similar to what Cradle of Filth have done in Midian, however the final result is not so innovative.

Album Rating : 7.5 out of 10

Dark Waters End - Submersion

Sumbersion had me impressed. Technical Progressive Death Metal which (despite the press release claims about any resemblance to Converge or The Dillinger Escape Plan) has a more heavy and melodic approach. Amazing drum work, consistency in the compositions and riffs that generate goosebumps (Empty Skies, Rat King) are value points of an undoubtedly excellent release.

Album Rating : 8.5 out of 10

Nervcast - Locked and Loaded

Honestly, I am not sure how to approach this EP. Even though not bad, Locked and Loaded is almost a tribute album to some of metal’s greatest bands. Fists song could be very easily a Kill ‘Em All outtake, 2nd song reminds Megadeth and/or Black Album era Metallica while 3d and 4th songs could be Iron Maiden cover versions. Not for the garbage bin, but the total lack of originality contributes negatively to the final result.

Album Rating : 6.5 out of 10

Casket Robbery - The Ascension

Gojira influenced Progressive Death Metal is what Casket Robbery present in the 3 tracks of The Ascension. Despite the good ideas contained, the flaws in vocals and the weak production (especially the plastic sound of drums) compromise the quality.

Album Rating : 6.5 out of 10