October 2018 Reviews

The diversity and the quality of the material that arrives in our mailboxes for review, is consistently high. New bands and young artists have to compete within a tight economical environment where the oversupply of artistic output (unfortunately) surpasses the audience demand. From our side we keep our commitment of being objective and sincere in our opinions…

Sarcofago - The Worst

The 4th (and final) album by the Brazilian legends is seeing a rerelease in Vinyl and Cassette format by Greyhaze Records . Considered by many as Sarcofago’s weakest record, it had them following a more slow direction with longer song durations and a more clearer production which unfortunately exposed the production weaknesses like the (annoying) drum machine which transformed the tunes from Death/Doom metal to Industrial thus losing the punk and “in your face” attitude that always characterised Sarcofago. To be honest, when addressed as a standalone release The Worst is not bad at all, however when put next to I.N.R.I. it does not stand a chance in the comparison. Trying to be as objective as possible I would give that a…

Album Rating : 7.5 out of 10

Toadeater - Demo

Toadeater are a new blackened-crust/post Black Metal metal band from Germany who have just released their first demo which will be available on tape soon. The demo contains three songs which are mainly following the paths opened by bands like Neurosis or Amebix plus having some (slight) influences of Black Metal (in the riffs). A big plus (in my view) for Toadeater is their political agenda which is supporting the DIY movement and opposing neo-nazism. A band worthy to be supported…

Album Rating : 8.5 out of 10

Chandrian Kill- Bring Out Your Dead

Three track EP which is the outcome of the collaboration project between Nic Whitmore and Ted Clark. There is an obvious Deftones influence and a strong touch of Djent, however Chandrian Kill do not fall in the trap of adding unnecessary complexity in their songs thus avoiding to make Bring Out Your Dead a meaningless exhibitionism exercise. Their strongest point, imho, are the wonderful melodies which create a well developed atmosphere but I would prefer to have a longer sample of their work as the three songs show clearly their potential, the listener however is somehow left with a feeling of incompleteness. If you like a modern metal sound, Chandrian Kill will work very well for you.

Album Rating : 8 out of 10

P.U.T. - 20 Years Rare Tracks Compilation

To be totally honest, I am surprised as I have never heard about this band before and this compilation is celebrating their 20 years of existence ! Well, it is never too late I guess and in this case it for sure worthy as their materials shows a band that had the potential to become big but for some reasons they never managed this so far.

The second thing that is interesting in this release is the diversity of the material which shows the evolution of a band from a cold (almost mechanistic) Industrial sound to a more conventional Stoner one. As I was not aware of the history of this band, I am not able to assess how this sound transformation occurred and if this was the outcome of member changes or just the desire to target bigger audiences. If I would have to vote though, I would definitely choose in favour of their Industrial era which is more interesting and adventurous reminding bands like Einstürzende Neubauten or Godflesh.

Album Rating : 8 out of 10

Slot -15 (The Best Of)

Another unknown (so far for me) band and another pleasant surprise !

Slot is a Russian alternative rock band, founded in February 2002 in Moscow. Since their formation, they have released seven studio albums, one remix album, a live DVD, numerous singles and several soundtracks. They have been known for their lengthy tours and for sharing the stage with bands like as Korn, Limp Bizkit and Guano Apes.

If I would attempt to describe their sound I would easily call it Nu Metal of the late 90’s - early 2000’s which does not sound cheesy at all and this is mainly due to the excellent female vocals of their singer Nookie. Another advantage is their great productions which give to their tunes a (mandatory for this genre) pleasant sound. What I noticed in the compilation is a transformation (mainly after 2011) to a more pop direction which works even better with some of their tunes coming from this period being little gems.

Album Rating : 8.5 out of 10

Blood of the Wolf - II: Campaign of Extermination

Blood of the Wolf is a blackened death metal band from Chicago, Illinois. Formed in 2012, the band recorded a two song demo in 2013 and in 2015 they released their first full-length named I: The Law of Retaliation. Their current second full-length album, II: Campaign of Extermination contains 8 AMAZING songs which combine great riffs, memorable melodies in a relentlessly aggressive package. Any album that contains 4 back to back songs like the Erupting Volcanic Wrath, The Sword is My Light and My Salvation, Scorched Earth Ceremony and With Fire and a Thousand Flashing Blades can be only mentioned as classic…

Album Rating : 9 out of 10

Redbait - Red Tape

The first time I saw Redbait mentioned in an article, it was about a new generation of antifascist black metal groups. To be totally honest though, I am not able to see any black metal resemblance or reference in their sound. Not that it matters in the end of the day, as the 1o minutes (4 songs) of the Red Tape need no musical genre to transmit their ferocity and make their political message clear.

Album Rating : 9 out of 10

Liftoff - Christopher Pellnat

It is not the first time that we write about Christopher Pellnat in this blog, as some months ago we have made a collective presentation of his past works here. Christopher Pellnat is an undoubtedly skilled songwriter who can compose with the same success material as diverse as Jazz, Irish folk, Americana and lo-fi having as main trademark of his sound the wonderful melodies. Liftoff is no exception to the above with its songs being based on acoustic guitar and dulcimer, while embracing instrument combinations that include clarinet, violin, flute, and accordion, as well as some electronic sounds. As per the creator words… “The songs on this record are strange little works of art that are drawn from the search we all share for something of substance and meaning amid all the chaos we see everywhere”

Album Rating : 8.5 out of 10

Killing Addiction - Omega Factor

The material in this release is a compilation of Killing Addiction’s 1993 first album, Omega Factor plus some early 7 inch singles and demos. If you, (like me) adore Brutal Old-school Death Metal with growling vocals, NO blastbeats, guitars which have a “thick” sound and do not sound like an 80’s electronic game then you should give to this album and band a second chance.

Album Rating : 9 out of 10

Lords of the Trident - Shadows from the Past

Power Metal in the vein of bands like Blind Guardian (notice the Tolkien influenced cover) and Sabbaton is what Lords of the Trident offer in the Shadows from the Past. The listener will find elements like speed metal in songs which even remind bands like Megadeth (Tormentor) or Judas Priest (Burn it Down (with Fire)), great melodies, excellent guitar work, crystal clear production, addictive choruses, tunes with “hooks”…in brief, all the necessary ingredients that can make Lords of the Trident a commercially succesful band of their genre. Even though I am not a big fan of this sound, I have to admit that they are acing in what they do, therefore they deserve…

Album Rating : 8 out of 10