Revenant Dead - Heroes Without Villains (2018) and other works…

On April 18th, Revenant Dead are releasing their new (and third) album Heroes without Villains. We had the opportunity to be offered with an advanced listening of the album and what we heard was interesting enough to convince us to write a small presentation, including reviews of their previous two releases

Revenant Dead are coming from the industrial city of Birmingham (England, UK), a city which carries a a strong and long tradition in heavy metal being able to boast (amongst others) about bands like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Magnum, Napalm Death, Godflesh, Benediction and Anaal Nathrakh. If someone would like to position Revenant Dead within the previous mentioned list, their place would be more close to the younger bands of the local scene as their sound is a modern mixture of metal, industrial, gothic and electronic music.

The band consists of West Addams in Vocals, Aydin Guner in Guitars, Theo Lawrence in Drums and Electronics and last but not least Corey Pyatt in Bass and since 2007 they have released 3 full length albums with their latest one, Heroes Without Villains set to be released on 18th April of this year. We have listened to all their 3 albums and decided to devote some lines to them.

I.R.M. (Imperial Rape March), 2007

I.R.M. or Imperial Rape March was the first release by Revenant Dead. Coming out on 2007 and being assessed within the context of the musical matters and trends of that era, the album contains a mixture of industrial, gothic (the vocals remind strongly of Sisters of Mercy), commercial Black Metal (aka Cradle of Filth) which sounds totally normal and for sure not odd. The material carries plenty of diversity as there are influences from S.O.A.D. (Vertigo), Marilyn Manson (Jailhouse) or even Roots-era Sepultura (Compulsion) with all of them working very well, thus resulting to an album that is both aggressive and melodic at the same time. As I had been a fan of the sound of that era, I have to say that at least to my ears this mixture sounds enjoyable.

Two Evils, 2010

Their second album Two Evils was released in 2010 and was a (temporary) departure from the industrial sound. This was somehow normal as metal was making a comeback therefore the record contained songs with more traditional metal references like Atrophy with the Slayer inspired riffs or Army of One which reminded even Iron Maiden. The gothic and melodic elements remained, however the overall character was less electronic and more traditionally rock oriented. We can say that this album was signalling the start of a (natural) maturing process with the band stoping following trends and trying to find their own formula…

Heroes without Villains, 2018

…something that seems they have managed with their latest album. The industrial and electronic elements have returned while the pure metal elements this time are totally eliminated. Marilyn Manson still remains a strong reference in their sound (Hollow Man) but the overall character is more introspective and dark. The album contains their most accessible material so far with 2 wonderful ballads (Between the Lies and Do You Remember) showcasing this. Revenant Dead have obtained experience and homogeneity as a band which allows them to tame their many, diverse influences thus making Heroes Without Villains an album which is, on one hand, intended for both rock, alternative and gothic audiences but on the other hand does not end up sounding like a kitsch joke. Fans of modern electronic rock should not miss this…