Ritual King - Earthrise (2018)

High quality Blues, Hard Rock from Manchester…

Ritual King are a Manchester UK based trio that started originally in 2013 as Renegade and Retrospect, a name which they later changed to their current (and more memorable) one. After having released their first 5 song E.P. Elixir, havingsupported on stage well known and prominent bands like Gun and Mothership and having participated in famous festivals like Roadkill, they are about to release their second E.P. named Earthrise, on 23d of February 2018. We had the honour to receive an advanced copy which we gave a listen and we write our impressions below.

The music of Ritual King is Hard rock with Blues elements (something that is more apparent in the second song of the E.P. Tides), thankfully being more close to the Classic side of Rock than the Stoner one. Some Alternative Rock influences are clearly audible in their sound (mainly in the guitars which they sound “clear” lacking any ”fuzz dirtiness”) and this is a factor which at least to my ears places them more closer to bands like Wolfmother (first album mainly)…Not to be misunderstood here…I bring this point up mainly as a reference and not as something necessarily negative…All three songs of the E.P. contain nice melodies and excellent guitar playing and are in the same (high) level of quality, with the third, But Anyway being the most better (sic) one.

Concluding, Earthrise is a very nice release which I would definitely recommend to any Classic Rock fan who likes some Blues elements mixed with his Hard Rock. Earthrise is out on 23 February 2018 in all digital platforms and physical format.