September 2017, New Releases Review

A lot of new releases on our desks but little time to properly listen and write a presentation. We are already considering about having a second review post for September which will follow shortly. Stay tuned but in the meantime you can read the first…

Buried Realm - The Ichor Carcinoma

Buried Realm is actually an one man band consisting of Josh Dummer who provides all instruments. Helped by an impressive guest list which includes Bob Katsionis (Firewind, Septicflesh), Brandon Ellis (Arsis, The Black Dahlia Murder, Cannabis Corpse), Christopher Amott (Arch Enemy, Armageddon), Dean Paul Arnold (Vital Remains), Marios Iliopoulos (Nightrage), Peter Wichers (Soilwork), Ryan Strain (Recode The Subliminal), Teemu Mäntysaari (Wintersun) and Travis Montgomery (Threat Signal, Jeff Loomis band), he manages to create an interesting and exciting blend of modern, technical, progressive Death Metal which despite the variety of guests manages to retain its consistency and sound like a product of a real and experienced band. I have enjoyed this album very much, therefore

Album Rating : 8 out of 10

Samadhi Sitaram - KaliYuga Babalon

Samadhi Sitaram is Russian conceptual metal band formed in 2016 and which according to the press release are blending genres of djent, groovecore, deathcore and mathcore. ‘KaliYuga Babalon’ is their second album which narrates :

the story of the era of moral, ethic and spiritual decay, the time to which all humanity now comes according to the prophecy of the Srimad Bhagavatam 12th chapter scripture, the continuation and consummation of HYPOSTASIS "Creation - Destruction" or the formula I.A.O. [Birth - Death - Renaissance].

Well, fair enough for those who have such kind of spiritual endeavours but unfortunately the musical content of this album failed to fully convince me. Despite the undoubted musician skills of Samadhi Sitaram, the compositions lack interest and proper development giving the impression that we are talking mostly of ideas put randomly together. Final song Shangri la, is the only one saved from the general mediocrity.

Album Rating : 6 out of 10 (due mostly to the musician skills of the band)

Atrexial - Souverain

Debut album from Barcelona’s Atrexial, where they successfully present a mix of Death and Black metal. The compositions in Souverain are aggressive and “tight” and the overall confidence in the musical execution of the material gives the impression of scene veterans (and not of a band that play in their debut). I have to say that I am at least impressed by the quality Souverain, therefore

Album Rating : 8.5 out of 10

Persecutory - Towards the Ultimate Extinction

If there are certain bands to mention as a reference when talking about Turkey’s Persecutory, these are Impaled Nazarene and Marduk. The songs in Towards the Ultimate Extinction have interesting guitar riffs however the clean vocals sound (at least to my ears) a little bit odd. A “dirtier” production would have also been more preferable as the current one sterilises the overall aggressiveness of the material. While the album is not at all bad, you have the feeling that it could have been much better…

Album Rating : 7 out of 10

Crafteon - Cosmic Reawakening

Cosmic Reawakening is a concept album inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulu Mythos conceived and composed by Crafteon’s vocalist and guitarist Lord Mordiggian. What we are presented in Cosmic Reawakening, is Black metal which follows the recipe of bands like Cradle of Filth and which in our case is professionally executed. However despite the epic atmosphere and the flawless delivery, the album lacks any blasphemy element (no matter what the press release mentions) that would have made it a proper tribute to H.P. Lovecraft’s work. What we have been given instead is simply text book Black Metal, therefore…

Album Rating : 7.5 out of 10

Protosequence - Biophagus

We had the pleasure to review the first E.P. from Protosequence, titled Schizophrene, last July (you can read the review here) and we were overwhelmed. Their second 4 song E.P. Biophagus, continues in the same level of high quality : Technical Death metal with melody in the guitars, songs which are complex and progressive without exceeding 5 minutes in duration (showcasing again that progressive does not necessarily mean verbalism and useless exhibitionism). All in all great, however I think it is about time for Protosequence, to consider making a full length album. They have the abilities to write an album without fillers.

Album Rating : 9 out of 10

Tombstalker - Chaotic Devotion

Old school Death/Black Metal is what Kentucky’s Tombstalker deliver in Chaotic Devotion 7 inch. Their sound is a crossbreed of early Venom and Swedish Death metal which is actually an interesting idea however the two songs of the single even though not bad are unequal. Personally I liked more b-side track, Treads of War which has a more rhythmical and groovy start, bursting afterwards in Entombed style.

Album Rating : 7 out of 10

On Top - Top Dollar

Starting with the E.P. front cover I would have to say that I find it kitsch and of bad taste. Maybe a band would have been allowed to get away with such an album cover in the 80’s, however (and without wanting to sound myself too much PC) I think that it was a really a bad choice for a 2017 release.

Thankfully On Top’s music is not as kitsch. Their songs are based on fast riffs delivered with an exquisite guitar playing thus making their material sound energetic and fresh. If I could point only one improvement remark in On Top’s music, is that a “dirtier” production would have elevated the material to the level of early Mötley Crüe.

Album Rating : 8 out of 10

Psy_code - MØRKE

Copenhagen-based Psy:code play modern Death metal which combines atmospheric melodies with aggressive parts. The recipe is well known and not really innovative therefore the question is about the success in the execution. Luckily, Psy:code manage it really well. Their songs are multidimensional, having Djent (luckily a little) and Progressive influences and even though the record starts a bit clumsy (as the first 2 songs are not something great) however after the third song it starts growing on the listener. Summarising, MØRKEis an excellent choice for fans of modern, technical death metal and If I am allowed to make only one remark about it, that would be about its long duration (13 songs in 59 minutes). Maybe leaving out some songs in the first place (especially from the starting ones) would have helped to achieve an even better consistency in the quality of the album. If you like this style don’t let this discourage you though, as MØRKEdeserves an

Album Rating : 8 out of 10

Prostitution - Egyptian Blue

Unfortunately Prostitution fail to impress in their 3 song E.P. Egyptian Blue. The songs are too generic lacking any progressive element (despite the press release claim that their sound is Progressive Black) and any good intention like in the final song which starts with an interesting riff, is abandoned halfway remaining undeveloped.

Album Rating : 6 out of 10