Sigil - Kingdom of the Grave (2017)

Austin Texas Death Metal destroyers SIGIL, have recently signed with Horror Pain Gore Death Productions and are due to release their debut album "Kingdom Of The Grave" on April 7th.

Listening to Kingdom of the Grave, is obvious that the main influence to Sigil’s Death metal is Sweden and particularly bands like Entombed (one of the album’s songs is even called Strange Aeons and this without it being a cover version!) or Dismember. What saves Sigil and Kingdom of the Grave from becoming another case of a tribute band/album are the D-beat elements and the production which (at least judging from the advanced digital copy I have received and listened for this review) is more raw and less typically “metal”, providing a certain crust-punk character to the songs.

There are great songs in Kingdom of the Grave, like Even the Gods will Burn or album’s highlight Summoning Hate however there are also songs which even though are far from being called fillers, I feel that there are too generic (like Bloodvisions or Death Won’t Kill Me ) and possibly would need a bit more of reworking and incorporation of some ideas in the riffs or the chorus in order to catch the listeners attention.

Overall Kingdom of the Grave is a very good album carrying the “weaknesses” of a debut-record and of a band who is still trying to develop its sound, however it is far more promising and interesting than the last two releases of Entombed A.D.