Striker - Striker (2017)

To be totally honest, I am generally not a big fan of any of these “revivalism” movements in music and especially when traditional heavy metal is concerned I found most of the retro-bands that have emerged in the last years (with certain exceptions of course) absolute boring. Without wanting to sound too much of an elitist myself, I expect any certain band to be able to write and present songs that are able to stand alone as compositions and outside of any retro or nostalgia-feeling context. After all, wearing a pair of spandex has never transformed anyone to Rob Halford or Bruce Dickinson…

Having written all the above, I must admit that I have approached the self-titled (even though 5th in sequence) album of Edmonton Canada based Striker with certain cautiousness but my initial reservations were (happily I have to say) defeated by the quality of the material contained in Striker.

Starting from the strong points of the album I have to say that these are none else than the catchy melodies and the melodic choruses. With the exception of the second track, Pass me by, which reminds me strongly of Anthrax (mainly due to the baring similarity to Joey Belladona’s vocals) and is sounding odd compared to the rest of the songs of the record, what you will hear in Striker is top class Heavy metal with great guitar melodies, NWOBHM-era vocal harmonies and excellent riffs. All the previous are pretty much enhanced by the production which even though being modern does not undermine the “Heavy-Metal” character of the songs. Overall, Striker contains 35 minutes of classic Heavy Metal that does not need any “nostalgia camouflage” to sound enjoyable.