Synaptik - Justify & Reason (2017)

No more than two months after the review of the remixed version of “The Mechanisms of Sequence” (their previous album) was presented in this blog, Synaptik release their new record “Justify & Reason”. For those remembering (or too lazy to click on the hyperlink) my impression of “The Mechanisms of Sequence” was very favourable, considering it one of the most solid Techno-Thrash albums to have been released in recent times. So the question that immediately comes to mind is where the new album “Justify & Reason” stands compared to it.

Well, I have good news for you because “Justify & Reason” is one step forward for Synaptik. One first thing that the listener notices, is that the songwriting is less thrash and has moved to a more power metal direction. The compositions remain complex and technical, however more focus have been given to melodies thus making the final result sound more mature and diverse (Conscience in its beginning reminds me so much of Candlemass). Talking about maturity what is obvious is how self confident Synaptik sound in the new album which in my opinion is absolutely justifiable given the quality of the material. To be honest, I am so enthusiast of the final result that I would easily put “Justify & Reason” next to gems of the past like Nosferatu by Helstar or Never, Neverland by Annihilator. Compositions, production etc. all the elements are in the right place to validate my judgement and qualify this album in the A-league of current metal bands.

“Justify and Reason” will be released on March 10th and is already a candidate for the 2017 best album lists.