Synaptik - The Mechanisms of Consequence (2017 - Remix)

Originally released in 2014, “The Mechanism of Consequence” will see a re-release on January 30th 2017 this time with a new (and heavier) remix. Not having heard the original version of the album I am unable to make a comparison, however even with this opportunity I really hope that this record will get the recognition it deserves. But let’s take things from the start.

Originating from Norwich UK, Synaptik are :

John Knight – Vocals
Ian Knight – Guitar
Kev Jackson – Bass
Pete Loades – Drums
Jack Murton – Lead Guitars

Having played in some of the biggest festivals such as Download, Bloodstock and Mammothfest, plus guest slots with acts like Iron Maiden, Exodus, Onslaught, Skyclad and more, Synaptik released their debut album “The Mechanism of Consequence” in September of 2014. The initial positive feedback of the album ensured them a contract with DeFox Records and Heart Of Steel Records who will be rereleasing “The Mechanism of Consequence” this winter.

The music of Synaptik is Technical, Progressive metal with many Thrash influences. If I would like to use some groups as a reference I would mention bands like Secrecy or Hades which came to my mind upon listening “The Mechanism of Consequence”.

What I personally liked in the album are the many different rhythm changes that exist in each track, which are happening “smoothly” within the duration of the song and without sounding odd or destroying the overall flow of the compositions. Another point which I have to point out and which is crucial for groups of the overall “Prog” genre is the musicianship. The guitar work in the album is outstanding as well as the drums and this is helped to a big extend by the production. As already mentioned, I have not heard the original release so I would not attempt any comparison here - I would just say that the current version sounds great !

The record contains 9 songs, 8 original plus a second version of Your Cold Trace with guest vocals provided by the almighty Alan Tecchio (and this is possibly one of the reasons that Hades came subliminally to my mind) which is one of the album’s standout tracks. There are aggressive and more “straight-forward” tunes like Irresistible Shade or Vacancy of Mind next to more technical moments like As I Am, As I Was, (personal favourite from the album) where Synaptik deliver a progressive anthem driven by the excellent guitar playing !

Concluding, if you love Progressive metal and Techno-Thrash, proceed without hesitation. Bands like Synaptik, fully deserve your attention and support.