Synopsys - Le Temps du Rêve (2017)

Post Metal from France, that already qualifies as one of this year’s best releases…

It was more than one year ago when an internet friend invited me to participate in the crowdfunding campaign of a French band named Synopsys. To be honest, until that moment I had heard no sample of their music (their previous releases included one EP and one demo) and If I would like to be more accurate I would say that I actually had no knowledge of their existence as a band. Some quick search in Youtube and Spotify, some quick listening to some audio samples and I finally decided to join the campaign. In these cases the best thing that anyone can do, is trust his instinct and this is exactly what I did. After all, helping a band release their music can only be a good thing, isn’t it ?

In the meantime several months passed, the originally scheduled release date was missed, but Synopsys were thoughtful enough to provide regular information updates regarding the progress of the recording and mixing of the material, making us somehow participants in the whole process. Finally some weeks ago and after a first release of the album in digital format, Le Temps du Rêve (means The Dream Time in French) arrived in my (physical) mailbox together with their previous EP Timeless. To be (again) honest, I do not recall if the EP was included in the perks of the campaign or if this was some kind of compensation for the delay from the original release date, but in any case I found it as a really cool gesture which certainly preoccupied me positively against the band and their material. Thankfully, the album quality justified my initial bias…

Synopsys are coming from Avignon France, their line-up consists of :

Gregory Lonegro - Drums
Jean Michel Llorca - Bass
François Evrard - Samples / Keyboards
Julien Ollier - Guitars / Vocals
Vincent Taiani - Guitars / Vocals

and as already mentioned, this is their first full length album containing 8 songs, coming in a beautiful digipack CD (LP’s are also available through the band’s webstore) and having a cover which definitely sets the mood for the listener of the album.

If someone would like to give a quick description of their music, that would be post metal which combines a large amount of atmospheric elements in the background. Synopsys do not hesitate to experiment with their material, incorporating ambient and classical parts into their compositions but in the same time they do not also “forget” to become harder and darker (Leviathan). Melancholic soundscapes are frequently apparent within Le Temps du Rêve either during songs like Into the Abyss and A Whisper in the Evening or during the two short interludes Impulse and Beyond the Black Ocean and it is exactly this pluralism in the compositions that makes the album a success.

Another thing that I have personally found as an advantage in their compositions is the durations which (with the exception of the first song) are kept within logical time-frames (around 6 minutes by average) thus helping to maintain the album’s consistency by avoiding unnecessary musical verbalisms and theme repetitions . The production is excellent and helps to showcase the multidimensional character of Synopsys music, making any delay in the release of Le Temps du Rêve finally worthy.

Having been part of the crowdfunding campaign for the creation of Le Temps du Rêve, I know how hard Synopsys had worked for making this album a reality. As a listener, and music fan above all, I have to say that all the effort succeeded in producing one of the best records of this year so far.

Below you can find a Spotify link where you can listen their first EP Timeless.