Ulver - Sic Transit Gloria Mundi EP (2017)

Ulver released digitally their new EP named “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi”. The EP contains two new songs which are reworked outtakes coming out of “The Assassination of Julius Caesar” sessions, plus a wonderful rendition of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s, “The Power of Love”. Simultaneously, the band published in youtube the (excellent) videos for the two new songs created by David Hall and Vivek Venkatesh. A physical release is most likely scheduled for the future but until then, the 3 songs of the EP will not disappoint those who loved the latest efforts of the Norwegians.

You can check the youtube videos for the 2 new songs below :

Echo Chamber (Room of Tears) :

Bring Out Your Dead :

The EP can be listened or purchased from the band's Bandcamp page :