Without Mercy - Mouichido (2016)

Mouichido EP by Vancouver’s Without Mercy was originally released on May 2016 however since I have only now received the promo material, I have decided to write a review. Meaning Repeat in Japanese, Mouichido is actually a re-recording of their 2014 third release, Reborn EP featuring new vocalist Alex Friis plus new bass tracks recorded by Tristan Martin. Newly added to the EP was also a guest appearance by vocalist Mark Hunter of Chimaira (one of the most underrated bands ever) on the track 'In Waves'. So the obvious question that comes immediately to mind is if the re-recording decision justifies any other purpose apart from being used as an introduction of the new band members to the public and mainly to Without Mercy’s fanbase.

Having heard both the original EP (Reborn) and the re-recording (Mouichido) I have to say that definitely Yes. The new recordings have a more professional and modern production making the overall result sound less flat and with more volume. More elements of Without Mercy’s music were allowed to be clearly heard (like the guitar riffs and melodies in Morphine - which is the album’s favourite for me) thus making Without Mercy’s Deathcore sound more multi-dimensional. What is really worth mentioning, is that this sound improvement was done without “sterilising” or compromising the heaviness of the originals. Additionally the voice of the new singer has more depth, a factor that significantly contributes to the overall improved result. Possibly the only thing that (again imho) was better in the previous version is the cover.

Overall, Mouichido is an excellent release if you like modern Deathcore with melodic guitars, beatdowns and absolutely no clean vocals. Hoping that the new line-up remains stable, I would definitely anticipate a full length release by them in the future.